The warm fuzziness of chocolate brownies

Chocolate is the closest I’m going to get to any addiction. Ever.

I know there are many of us out there who hide chocolate bars from our kids and eat them when they’re in school. You, you and you. Stop looking so shifty. I do it all the time.

I’ve spent half my childhood trying to un-wrap a chocolate bar the way they do it on TV without getting my hands messy. Of course, in my childhood we didn’t have Cadbury Silk ads thankfully or I would have grown up into a completely different person. Ugh.

While the best place for a chocolate is to go straight into my mouth, I do like to put it in brownies when I’m in a good mood.

I first tried making brownies in that period of my life when anything I baked stuck to the pan. Then when I was in my good baking phase, I discovered the easiest and best brownie recipe and I’ve always used it with spectacular results.

I know there are probably a hundred other better and healthier recipes but this is what works for me, so here it is. Quick note – There are no brownies in More than Just Biryani. Dang. I should have included it somewhere. You know, in some steamy scene. Excuse me for a minute.

Yes I’m back. I had a quiet laugh about my capabilities for writing said steamy scene and here I am doing what I think I do best. Writing about food. And getting addicted to chocolate.


100gms cooking chocolate

50 gms white butter

175 gms maida sieved with 1 tsp baking powder and few tablespoons of cocoa powder

175 gms brown sugar

2 eggs

walnuts chopped

Vanilla essence


Grease a baking tin and sprinkle it generously with flour, making sure the bottom and all the sides are coated with it. Break chocolate into pieces and melt it over hot water. (Quick tip: There shouldn’t be any water in the bowl which you are melting the chocolate) Add the butter and melt it over gently bubbling water and mix both well into a lovely, shiny mixture. (I felt like dipping my face into it, at this point)

Add the sugar and eggs and essence and mix well. Add the maida and walnuts and fold in gently. I had to add a little hot milk at this stage because the batter looked more like dough. Pour into tin and bake in pre-heated oven at 180 degrees for 25 minutes.


4 thoughts on “The warm fuzziness of chocolate brownies

  1. Some observation: you put the chocolate in brownies when you are in good mood, and gulp them down when you are in bad mood? Apropos ‘More than just biryani’, is it a remake of ‘Like water for Chocolate’? 🙂 just kidding..
    You get devoted to chocolate, not addicted… 🙂
    Thanks for the recipe… will ask reshma to try it.

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