Oh gourd! This is sweet!

I’ve fought against stereotypes many a time in my life but here is one that I will gladly embrace. It’s all about meat and vegetables and how much Muslims love the former and hate the latter. While I’m not the most voracious meat eater you will find, I do despair when it comes to vegetables. Which is why I think some of the most uninspiring vegetables are turned into cavity defying desserts by the women of our households.

If carrots can be transformed into the ethereal gajar ka halwa, (a couple of bowls of that, and you won’t be anything within the realm of ethereal of course!), and beetroots also seem to make the transition with ease, then the humble bottle gourd cannot be left behind.

Bottle gourd is one vegetable which is insipid in every way, in colour or taste, but there’s this wonderful halwa that khalajaan made out of it recently. It goes by the very un-poetic name of kaddu ka halwa, and although it’s strictly not pumpkin or kaddu, this is what it’s called at home.

Glistening green, sugary and a delight for those who love sweets, this is also a relatively easy halwa to make.




Bottle gourd – 1 kg

Sugar  –            ½ kg

Khova –           200 gms

Ghee –               2 tbsp

Elaichi –           2

Cinnamon –     1 stick



  • Peel the bottle gourd and cut into half. Remove all the seeds and pulp from inside
  • Grate the bottle gourd and keep aside.
  • In a deep bottomed vessel, add sugar to bottle gourd and cook over a medium flame. It will start releasing water.
  • Continue cooking until water dries up.
  • Fry nuts and keep aside.
  • Fry cinnamon and elaichi and keep aside
  • Mix the above two into the bottle gourd mixture and add khova.
  • Cook until ghee leaves the sides.

Well, what did you think? Tell tell!

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