Gulab jamun cheesecake

So I made this gulab jamun cheesecake for the cooking competition at home earlier this month. I followed the recipe from a blog and decided to try it out because I love doing this fusion thing with Indian and Western desserts. I once made gajar ka halwa tarts and another time I layered andey ka halwa over short bread. So yeah this seemed right up my alley.

But since it was going to be a competition I didn’t know how I could serve it without making a mess out of it. The only option would be to set the cheesecake individually.

At this point I was looking for dessert shot glasses because I wasn’t sure I could carry off the cheesecake properly. Then the husband found these cute flower shaped disposable cups that I decided to use and I started layering the cheesecake.

In theory the cheesecake is easy. Make gulab jamun. Make crust. Make cheesecake mixture. But by the time I got around to completing this all, back was broken I think. At least it felt that way.

It was a lucky fluke having found those cups because when I poured the cheesecake mixture over the crusts, it took the shape of a flower. Immediately I set a jamun in the middle of each one. And this is what it looked like.


Cute no?


Maybe if I’d won the prize I’d have to share it with the husband because he was the one who got the cutesy cups. But imagining him in an apron is not such a cutesy sight. Never mind. I didn’t win and so we never had to worry about it.

So if you want to make this, just do as I said before. Make crust. Layer in springform tin or cups. I followed a no bake cheesecake recipe. You follow one too. Pour it over the crust if setting individually. If using a large tin then pour some, set a few gulab jamuns in the cheesecake mixture and top off with remaining mixture. Dot the top also with halved jamuns. It makes for an arresting sight.


Well, what did you think? Tell tell!

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