Winning entry at the cooking competition

My husband’s sister Shazia lives in China with her family and her son and she was sorely missed at this competition. Because when it comes to things like presentation and everything she rocks. I’m no good at that stuff and the gulab jamun cheesecake looked good because of the cups more than anything else.

Anyway so the winning entry in this competition went to my other sister in law Anjum who put up these fabulous dishes.


And this.


Some pretty awesome stuff went down that day. Lots of chaos in the dining hall as we sat our judges down and got them to taste everything. Much fun I say!


Lunch that day was eaten off these huge plates jam packed with food that all the contestants had cooked. By the end of it all we needed was a spoon and a bottle of Digene. Make that several spoons. *burp*

(Posting soon about the other winning entries)


Well, what did you think? Tell tell!

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