Making khajur

The amazing thing about being an Indian is not just all those different cultures and languages and food. It’s how they overlap. What I call khajur at home is called something else by my Kannadiga friends and something else by my Tamilian friends. Of course it’s pretty much the same thing though. A nice, traditional and handy little snack that somehow finds it way all the way to Saudi Arabia whenever someone goes for Hajj. Almost every one I know will take these and go to the holy land to munch on in Mina or Arafat when hunger strikes and you’re too busy praying to do anything else.

Haan, so these khajurs are simple to make and very yummy also.


Here’s the recipe. And the mode of measurement is the pauser which is the large steel glass that is used to measure rice in. You know what I’m talking about? No? This.


Yeah so if you have one of these at home it’s simple to follow this recipe. Here goes.

2 pauser maida
1 pauser sugar
1/4 pauser sooji
1 cup khova
Cashewnuts and raisins
Khus khus
4 eggs

Make a dough of all the above ingredients and keep aside for sometime. Don’t knead. Take portions of the dough, roll out on a floured surface and cut out diamond shapes. Deep fry in hot oil over medium heat. Store in airtight container.

You know, I added that store in airtight container bit myself. Just to look professional. But I always marvel at recipe writers who expect to store food. I mean in my house if something tastes good it’s here one minute and gone the next. God forbid if we ever store something it’s because no one likes it. He he!


Well, what did you think? Tell tell!

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