A different kind of shortbread

Every year for Eid ul Fitr I try to make something out of the ordinary. It’s almost become a tradition now and everyone expects something a little different. Or so I like to think. Last year I made short crust tarts and filled them with gajar ka halwa. This year I wanted to try out shortbread topped with andey ka halwa.


I don’t have the exact recipe of the andey ka halwa but I’ll describe it here and hopefully you can make it as well. By the way that’s the logic that I’ve applied in my book More than Just Biryani. There’s lots of food in it but no exact recipes as such and yet if you’re adventurous you can cook along! (Psst…my editor actually made biryani using the book so it’s not all hopeless you know)

The recipe for Andey ka halwa comes in Part 2 of the book or the dessert section as I like to think of it. It’s a crucial chapter for various reasons and once you read the book you’ll know why.

So what do you have to do to get this plate of yumminess?


You’ll need khova, eggs, sugar, ghee, nuts and a packet of Goodday biscuits. Crush the biscuits and mix with khova along with the other ingredients except nuts and cook on a medium flame until it all comes together. That’s your andey ka halwa.

As for the shortbread, you have to make it with flour, cold butter and sugar. For exact quantities I suggest you google up a shortbread recipe. Pat the shortbread dough into a tin and bake till  golden brown. Layer the andey ka halwa over the shortbread and bake a little with the top grill switched on so that the andey ka halwa gets a little browned. Cool and cut into squares. Then take a bow when everyone says it’s amazing. Then run when they come after you for making them fat.


Well, what did you think? Tell tell!

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