Slurp is such an onomatopoeic word no? You can almost hear the way it sounds and sometimes it’s not pleasant. A plate of sutriyan brings out the slurper in all of us though no matter how refined we are or pretend to be.

Some eons ago, (although it feels like just a few years ago) I was writing a short story during a free period in school. I was in 8th then. The story happened to be about a girl and her love for sutriyan. Wait I keep talking about it and you probably want to know what it looks like.  This is sutriyan.


So yeah I was writing this story and the substitute teacher during that class was the teacher of the subject I dreaded the most. Kannada.

She figured out I was not doing what I was supposed to be doing. What exactly I was supposed to be doing is something I don’t remember. Anyway she called me up and asked me to show her my notebook. I gave it to her reluctantly. She started reading and then I saw her eyes widen.

‘What is this sutriyan?’ She asked me. ‘It sounds so delicious, the way you’ve described it.’

‘It’s like biryani but without the rice, ‘I told her. She looked completely boggled.

‘But…but how is it even possible?’ She asked me. Since cooking was pretty much like magic for me back in those days I’d shrugged.

‘My mother makes these things with rice flour and puts it in the biryani masala,’ I replied hoping she’d leave me alone and not ask me to bring it to school the following day. I’d have a hell of a time explaining to Ammi why I wanted to take sutriyan to school.

Anyway all these years later, it’s a Friday favourite. To make sutriyan you have to make the biryani akhni and let it simmer. How to make biryani akhni? That post will come soon. Yes this is chicken before egg conundrum now. Anyway you let the akhni simmer.

You knead rice flour (with a little salt) with hot water into a stiff dough. Make long shapes out of them and put it in the akhni till it gets cooked. THAT IS ALL. But do note, the akhni will dry up as the day progresses so the sutriyan you had for lunch won’t be quite like the leftovers you want for dinner.

But you know, if you’re like me you’ll wonder, ‘what leftovers?’ *pats tummy* *slurps*


One thought on “Sutriyan

  1. Hi,
    I have been searching this recipe for years. I love this. My friend used to bring this for lunch while in school and I can’t still feel the taste lingering in my month. Please can u post the detailed recipe. Thanking u in advance. God bless.

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