An Eid Breakfast

We have a tradition at home for every Eid ul Fitr. After Fajr namaz everyone sits down to eat breakfast before reading the Eid namaz and it’s a happy occasion because we’re actually having breakfast after a month of fasting.

When I was a child, Eid would be spent in Vellore, the town where my parents grew up. The hall would be laid out with a huge dastarkhaan and there would be yummy kheema samosas, spiced vermicelli, rotis with qurma and chauba. Now this chauba used to disgust me as a kid because anything with milk made me wrinkle my nose.

But I’ve come to love it a lot since I grew up.  It’s warm and sweet and filling in a way that your stomach appreciates. What is it? Also known as mewa it’s a mixture of grated kopra, sugar, nuts, raisins and sliced dates.


This is sprinkled generously over a plate of vermicelli that has been boiled in water and drained.


Then you pour hot milk over it and eat. A bit like having cereal but it’s got more calories than I’d care to count.

Over the years we stopped going to Vellore for Eid but we’ve restarted this tradition for the past few years and it’s something we all look forward to every Eid. Only thing, now my son wrinkles his nose in disgust and walks away.

But yay for reviving food traditions that are so easily getting lost. Just so long as you don’t ask me to pick out an eye from sutriyan made with head meat from a goat during Bakrid, I’m all for it. If you just frowned and had no idea what I was just talking about I swear I haven’t made this up. It actually happened to my brother one Bakrid and warrants a whole new post of its own. I just won’t have a suitable picture to go with it. Feeling pukey much? Sorry! Just scroll back up!


Well, what did you think? Tell tell!

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