Sugary Sunshine

Lauz is an eternal favourite at home. It’s sweet, it’s a bit like a doodh peda but so much better. The texture allows it to slowly dissolve on your tongue and then when you’re finished with one, you find yourself reaching out for another. And another.

All it takes is khoya that has to be blended a bit in the mixer, powdered sugar and blanched and ground almonds. Mix all of them and cook in a large degchi. You have to be super careful not to stop stirring for even a minute because otherwise it will stick.

My mom suggested that if anyone here wants to try out Lauz, you should try it in a non-stick vessel. But it does make a difference to the taste so be aware of that before you try it out.

Watching lauz being made is a fabulous experience. There’s so much sugar in the air that you might think it’s easy to OD on it. And then once it’s cooked, the lauz paste is all golden and deep yellow and then it starts cooling down and all I want is to take a spoon and just sit down with it.

But of course, mom will never let me do that. So we cool it down further, make it into balls of sweet, sticky dough and then roll it out and cut it out. Do note, lauz uses a lot of sugar. Calorie counters, please go somewhere else and chomp on your carrot sticks in peace.

The excerpt in this video is from my book More than Just Biryani. The protagonist Ruqayya is new to the house and has never seen Lauz being made. It’s a first experience for her as well. Enjoy.


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