A Ramzan Platter

If you’re wondering why I’m writing about Ramzan now it’s just that I came across this picture in my folder and it seemed good enough to write about.


There’s so much yumminess just in that one plate. Let’s ignore the fruits ok? Going anti clockwise right after the fruits is Anjum’s kheema roti. Crisp rotis with juicy kheema inside. Need I say anymore?

After that in the cup is caramel pudding that my mother in law makes almost perfectly. Then there’s the mandatory chunk of chicken tikka followed by a lemon and chocolate tart made by me. It was a very interesting combination. The lemon and chocolate I mean. Not chicken tikka and chocolate. I’m not that adventurous when it comes to chocolate!

The next thing you can see are the momos that Ping makes. Lip smacking stuff especially with the dipping sauce that’s unfortunately not in this picture.

Finally we come to that little heap of peas that you see with all the onions and tomatoes. That’s our family version of the Sundal and it’s nothing like the Sundal you might get in Marina beach or elsewhere. In fact I’ll be devoting an entire post to it very shortly. Watch this space!


Well, what did you think? Tell tell!

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